South shore of Paraíba: viewpoints and cliffs

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This page covers the viewpoints and cliffs... more beaches here:

PART I: JP until Coqueirinho | PART II: Tambaba until Barra do Abiaí | PART III: Viewpoints and cliffs

Beaches of João Pessoa: Beaches of southern coast of Paraíba

Viewpoints | Finger of God | Canyons | Trails | Cliffs


The south coast Beaches of João Pessoa (Costa do Conde)

The south coast of Paraíba is famous for the incredible beauty of its pristine beaches, each with its own beauty.

Most of the trail is within an environmental protection area, the APA Tambaba, from the Tabatinga beach to the Barra do Graú (on the other side of the Tambaba beach).

Colored sandy cliffs, the must-see viewpoints (access only via SUV 4x4), mangroves and lush vegetation, form a unique combination.

The Viewpoints

Truly unmissable! The best known are the "Finger of God" and the "Castle of the Princess", but there are many other lookouts worthing a look... there are only accessible by 4x4!

Mirante da Barra do Gramame, lado João Pessoa

Barra of Gramame - Viewpoint

Mirante acima da Barra do Gramame

Beach of Tabatinga - Viewpoint

Mirante acima de Tabatinga 1

Castelo da Princesa

Mirante da escadaria (costa do Conde)

Mirante da escadaria, vista lado Tambaba

Mirante da escadaria, lado Coqueirinho



Beach of Coqueirinho - Viewpoint

Beach of Coqueirinho - Viewpoint

As falésias da Barra do Grau - APA Tambaba

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The "Finger of God"

The most famous viewpoint (pay attention to the visiting hours, for security reasons). It has an amazing view on the beach of Tabatinga, and another stunning view on the smaller beach of Coqueirinho.

Given the clean air, the purest of the Americas, you can see the towers of Joao Pessoa, tens of kilometers there! The sea is frequented by sea turtles...

O mirante Dedo de Deus em Coqueirinho

Dedo de Deus, visão do paraíso!

Finger of God

O mirante Dedo de Deus acima de Coqueirinho

Dedo de Deus: vista da praia

Divisa entre as praias de Tabatinga e Coqueirinho

Mirante das Tartarugas

Falésias do mirante das Tartarugas

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The "Canyons"

There are several canyons, the most beautiful is reachable only by SUV 4x4 when the tide is low; the largest being in Coqueirinho. 

These colorful canyons (actually they are gullies), with amazing shapes, are caused by erosion from rains and global warming: the roots of weakened plants can no longer hold back the ground that collapses with rains...

All this red material reaches the sea, and accumulate itself behind the reef between Cabedelo and João Pessoa, forming the island "Areia Vermelha" (Red Sand).

Canyon of Coqueirinho

Canyon of Coqueirinho

Canyon of Coqueirinho

Erosão da chuva no Cânion de Coqueirinho

Canyon de Coqueirinho

Cânion de Coqueirinho: o Castelo da Princesa

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The Trails on the beaches

There are a number SUV 4x4 trails reaching canyons, cliffs and lookouts not to be missed, with stretches on the beaches.



Rodando na praia de Coqueirinho

Rodando na praia de Coqueirinho


Entre Coqueirinho e Tambaba... só de buggy ou Jipe 4x4!

Ecological walk until Arapuca

As falésias arenosas coloridas da APA Tambaba

Pedra do Elefante

O Portal da Jurema, em Tambaba

Mirante da trilha ecológica

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The cliffs

The sandy cliffs are colored by various minerals, forming sculptures with the rain erosion.


Falésias da Area de Proteção Ambiantal de Tambaba

PART I: JP until Coqueirinho | PART II: Tambaba until Barra do Abiaí | PART III: Viewpoints and cliffs

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