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Tours in João Pessoa - Beaches of Paraíba

  • - Tours are customized according to your interests (we see that during the trip), your pace, and tides;
  • - The 2 tours "Urban North coast" and "South coast 3" are possible only with low tide;
  • - We work with JEEP 4x4, VIP DIFFERENTIATED service (formerly Buggy), and we do not do airport transfers. It fits up to 4 lightweight passengers into the Jeep; with more people we go out with more vehicles.
  • - The preference is for JEEP 4x4 which is SAFER, MORE COMFORTABLE (including if it rains), and FAST, ALLOWING TO ENJOY TRIP OF 8H (2 more hours) ⇒ the Jeep passes by more places!

01.- Beaches of Paraiba: south shore of João Pessoa

There are 3 JEEP tours on the beaches of the south coast of João Pessoa (up to 8h with Jeep 4x4 for each trip ⇒ what we shall see WILL DEPEND ON YOUR PACE):

  • South coast 1: Barra de Gramame (side Conde), Love Beach, Tabatinga, Coqueirinho, the naturist beach of Tambaba, Arapuca Beach and Marcelia Beach, with several trails and viewpoints, and the Canyon of Coqueirinho;
  • South coast 2: Jacarapé Beach, Barra de Gramame (side João Pessoa), Jacumã Beach, Caripabus, Barra do Grau and Beautiful Beach, with several trails and viewpoints;
  • South coast 3: Coqueirinho, the naturist beach of Tambaba, Arapuca Beach, Marcelia Beach, Barra do Grau, Beautiful Beach and Barra do Abiai with a long stretch on the beach, several trails and viewpoints, and the Canyon of Coqueirinho.

The coastline of beaches south of João Pessoa:

The south coast of Paraiba is famous for the incredible beauty of its pristine beaches, each with its own beauty. Most of the route is within an environmental protection area, APA Tambaba, from Tabatinga beach to Barra de Graú (on the other side of Tambaba beach).

Colored sandy cliffs, the must-see viewpoints (access only via JEEP 4x4), mangroves and lush vegetation, form a unique combination. The south coast beaches of Joao Pessoa are of an indescribable beauty and every beach is different from the other.

It has cliffs, canyons, palm trees, pools and breathtaking views. For those who like the sea blue and pristine nature, this place is perfect!


02.- Beaches of João Pessoa: north shore of Paraíba

There are 2 JEEP tours on the North shore of João Pessoa: it is necessary to distinguish between the urban north coast (up to Cabedelo), and the north shore across the river Paraíba (in Lucena):

Urban north coast: combines tourist attractions such as the Red Sand Island, the fort Santa Catarina, and the sunset on the beach of the Alligator;

North coast in Lucena: well differentiated from the south, allowing large stretches on deserted beaches and shallow warm water of the Ponta de Lucena, until the wild Barra do Miriri.
- During this tour, the veicle goes through the Paraiba river on a ferry. This route also includes a visit the church "Nossa Senhora da Guia", and the ruin of the church "Bom Sucesso", for those who like adventure.
- Cheap gastronomy is a strength; Lucena being a fishermen village, fishes are a must! It is best to do this tour when the tide is low in the late morning...

There are 2 OPTIONS:
- Lucena Adventure: Include the Fort of Cabedelo. Riding along the beach. With Jeep trail in the woods, passing by the ruin of Bom Sucesso and going up above the cliff of Barra do Miriri;

- Lucena Kayak (easy, safe and comfortable): Include the Fort of Cabedelo. Riding along the beach. Swapping the trail in the woods for longer the water, with kayak in the river and/or in the sea

(in Natural Pools of shallow and warm waters, whitout waves or current, with stable, comfortable and easy to use kayaks with lifejackets + beach chairs);

Kayak tour on the north shore of João Pessoa


Northern coast, other side of river Paraíba:

The north coast of Joao Pessoa in Lucena, crossing the Paraiba river with a ferry: visit the fort of Santa Catarina in Cabedelo, visit the church "Nossa Senhora da Guia" and the "Bom Sucesso" church.

There is a large stretch on the beach to the "Bara do Miriri" (access via JEEP 4x4). This tour mixes adventure and discovery, a gastronomy specialized in seafood, with a little of culture (old churches and the fort Santa Catarina).

For those who like big streches on deserted beaches, this is the tour! Due to the geological structure, the beaches of the north coast of Joao Pessoa are extensive.

In the village of Lucena there are many fishermen; livestock circulate freely everywhere... nature is untouched. Lucena contains a major coconut plantation; it is known as "coco vale".


Photos of the sunset

03.- Sunset on the Alligator Beach


Photos of João Pessoa and Tourist attractions of the city

04.- What to do in João Pessoa?


Tourist attractions of Paraiba: the Brejo, the Cariri and the Agreste

05.- Cultural and gastronomical tours in Brejo (Alagoa Grande and Areia -OR- Brother Damian Sanctuary and the Snorer Waterfall)

06.- Tourism in Paraíba: itineraries in Cariri (We are not doing trips there now...)

07.- The Agreste of Paraíba: the Rock of the Mouth park (We are not doing trips there now...)

08.- The Manatee project and Indigenous villages (at low tide)


Interstate Tours

09.- Island of Itamaracá

10.- Veneza Water Park (thursday till sunday and holidays, from September to March 20)

11.- Olinda /Recife 

12.- Pipa /Barra de Cunhaú /Tibau do Sul



  1. JEEP 4x4 IS BETTER: For half of the places, only Jeep 4x4 have access => you enjoy more the nature;
  2. A JEEP IS MUCH SAFER and goes through more places, with more comfort (also if it rains);
  3. WITH THE JEEP, YOU HAVE 2H00 BONUS TIME to enjoy beaches;
  4. The tours are conducted with an ACCREDITED TOURIST GUIDE;
  5. THERE ARE NOT JUST BEACHES!: stuning viewpoints, JEEP 4x4 trails, tips and trip customization are important;
  6. Do not go out with the first buggy man who will only show half the things, and will not take care of you;
  7. CAUTION: some speaks of seven beaches, but will only stop in 4 beaches, not showing all viewpoints (only 6h of trip);
  8. IT IS ESSENTIAL BOOK IN ADVANCE: you will not get a place in time up!

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