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The best neighborhoods to stay are:

  1. Tambaú: best beach, close to everything, animated at night
  2. Cabo Branco: similar to Tambaú, better staying in the beginning (near Tambaú)
  3. Bessa: similar to Tambaú, calmer at night, is further away from the tourist center
  4. Manaíra: less interesting beach, better staying in the beginning (near Tambaú)


Travel tips

  1. Put money and cell phone in a little bag with a cord inside the clothes;
  2. Beware of what you eat on the street: buy food that is sealed, and be very careful with the stalls: attention to hygiene, do not spoil your stay!
  3. Be careful even with "mineral" water, do not buy from anyone;
  4. The low tide is a fundamental condition for some tours: plan your trip according to the João Pessoa Tide table
  5. Prefer to travel in the period of Full Moon or New Moon, where the low tide happens in the morning;
  6. The best period, for the weather, is from mid September to mid December;
  7. Do not improvise, research and book in advance to ensure the best tours;
  8. For those who want to discover the most beautiful places, hard to reach, with comfort and safety, it is best to hire a SUV 4x4 tour with an accredited tourism guide;

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