The Manatee project and the Indians villages in Paraíba

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A well diversified tour, mixing Ecotourism (with the Manatees in the reserve of the Mamanguape River), 4x4 Trails, Local and Indigenous Culture (ritual with the Pajé Antônio), and also enjoying the Beach of Coqueirinho do Norte.

Manatees are loose, the probability of seeing them being 75% at low tide (the other 25% occur when they go at the source of the river to drink fresh water). The Boat rides are done only at low tide.


The Lundgren Mansion in Rio Tinto - PB

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Swedish family Lungren acquired the company Companhia de Tecidos in Recife, and in 1917 they bought 601 square kilometers of Atlantic forest inhabited by potiguaras tribes and small farmers of the current municipality of Rio Tinto.

The municipality grew out of the workforce and houses built by the company.

O palacete dos Lundgren

The Rio Tinto name comes from the dyes used by the company which began operations in 1925, with machines imported from Europe and led by German textile engineers.

Nowadays, the Lundgren Mansion has returned to the Indians and serves as a stage for their big events.

palacete dos Lundgren

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The Manatee project in the Mamanguape reserve - PB

APA do Rio Mamanguape

O rio Mamanguape

Barcos de pesca e de turismo

Embarque no rio Camurupim

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The beach of Coqueirinho do Norte - PB

Coqueirinho do Norte

praia de Coqueirinho do norte

Coqueirinho do Norte

Coqueirinho do Norte

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4x4 Trail

Dunas de Coqueirinho do Sul

pequenas dunas em Coqueirinho do norte


Trilha em Coqueirinho do Norte

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Baia da Traição - PB

ponta da Baia da Traíção

Vista acima da Bahia da Traíção

artilharia na Baia da Traíção

falésias da Baia da Traíção

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The Potiguaras villages -PB

Tore Forte

No dia do Índio

A lagoa encantada

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