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This page covers the beaches from João Pessoa until Coqueirinho... more beaches here:

PART I: JP until Coqueirinho | PART II: Tambaba until Barra do Abiaí | PART III: Viewpoints and cliffs

Beaches of João Pessoa: Beaches of southern coast of Paraíba

Beach of Seixas | Beach of Jacarapé | Barra de Gramame (João Pessoa) | Barra de Gramame (Conde) | Beach of Love | Beach of Carapibus | Beach of Tabatinga | Beach of Coqueirinho


The south coast Beaches of João Pessoa (Costa do Conde)

The south coast of Paraíba is famous for the incredible beauty of its pristine beaches, each with its own beauty.

Most of the trail is within an environmental protection area, the APA Tambaba, from the Tabatinga beach to the Barra do Graú (on the other side of the Tambaba beach).

Colored sandy cliffs, the must-see viewpoints (access only via SUV 4x4), mangroves and lush vegetation, form a unique combination.

Let's start with the beaches of João Pessoa, continuing along the beaches of Costa do Conde, and ending with the beaches of Pitimbu on the border with Pernambuco.

The beach of Seixas

Easternmost point of the Americas, where the sun rises first (at 4:30 AM!), this narrow beach is dominated by the Cabo Branco lighthouse located above the cliff. This cliff is now threatened by the action of the sea and man...

Beach of Seixas

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The beach of Jacarapé (is not Jacaré)

Frequented by locals, this beach has a small mangrove embroidered bars. People eat here with feet in the water when the tide goes up...

Beach of Jacarapé

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The Beach of Barra de Gramame, side João Pessoa

This side where the river Gramame comes has a beautiful view over the lagoon. Riding through the beach with a SUV 4x4, we arrive at a deserted place where black lava rocks are silhouetted against a white limestone cliff. 

Passeios turisticos em Joao Pessoa: a Barra do Gramame

Pedras vulcânicas na Barra do Gramame

Vista da Barra do Gramame (lado João Pessoa)

Barra of Gramame (beaches of João Pessoa)

Barra do Gramame, lado João Pessoa

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The Beach Barra de Gramame, side Conde

Bars line the lagoon. In the background one can see the houses of Tabajaras Indians. You can see the other side of the slope-side access in João Pessoa. This place inspires peace and tranquility.

With the lagoon (where you can do raft and kayak), the Barra de Gramame is suitable for families with children. When the sea permits, one can reach the Beach of Love, going with SUV 4x4 along the beach of Gurugi...

Vista da Barra do Gramame com maré baixa (costa do Conde)

Barra of Gramame (Conde)

Barra of Gramame (Conde)

Barra of Gramame (beaches of Paraíba)

Beaches of Joao Pessoa - Gramame

Beaches of Paraiba - Gurugi beach

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The beach of Love

With the pierced stone, this beach allows you to take some nice pictures. This beach is a necessary step for couples because of this legend: once lived in there two tribes of Indians: Tabajaras one side of the stone, and Potiguares the other side.

The neighborhood relations between the two tribes were difficult, until a young Tabajara fell in love with a young Potiguar... There has been a rapprochement between the two tribes under the pierced stone, hence the name beach of Love.

The pierced stone has become the symbol of the transition to married life, and the promise that if a couple comes and goes through the hole, the union will never break.

Beach of Love

Vista da pedra furada na praia do Amor

Praia do Amor

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The beach of Carapibus

Having a difficult access, this beach has gray coral on the surface of the water...

Vista da praia de Carapibus (praias da Paraiba)

Beach of Caripabus (beaches of Paraiba)

Praia de Carapibus: vista do lado de Coqueiriho

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The beach of Tabatinga

Forgotten by all guides, this long beach is worth seeing (Tabatinga means in Guarani: white clay... because of the white cliffs of clay).

On the side of the sea there is a beautiful view of the red cliffs of the "finger of God". The shallow and warm water lagoon is ideal for bathing, also with small children.

Falésias na praia de Tabatinga (praias da Paraíba)

Beach of Tabatinga

Falésias de argilo da praia de Tabatinga

Lagoa de Tabatinga II

Beach of Tabatinga

Beach of Tabatinga

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The beach of Coqueirinho

The most famous beach of the coast, Coqueirinho has two beaches, the best being "Prainha" shaped cove, protected from waves by a small reef. Beating on the reef, the sea has dug caves.

Other attractions are the canyons carved by the rain, and colorful (accessible only with SUV 4x4). Access is difficult in high season because of traffic jams and lack of parking spaces.

Praia de Coqueirinho: mirante acima da prainha

Beach of Coqueirinho

Beach of Coqueirinho

Beach of Coqueirinho

Beach of Coqueirinho

Prainha em Coqueirinho

Beach of Coqueirinho

Beach of Coqueirinho

praia de Coqueirinho

Os famosos coqueiros da praia de Coqueirinho

Praia de Coqueirinho

Praia de Coqueirinho


PART I: JP until Coqueirinho | PART II: Tambaba until Barra do Abiaí | PART III: Viewpoints and cliffs

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