Tours on the South coast of João Pessoa

The South coast 1 and South 3 are the MOST SOUGHT-AFTER tours of João Pessoa!


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PHOTOS: Paraiba Beaches, the south coast


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Jeep 4x4 Tours on the South coast Beaches of João Pessoa


The south coast beaches of Joao Pessoa are of an indescriptible beauty, and each beach is different from the other. It has cliffs, canyons, palm trees, natural pools and breathtaking views. For those who like blue and unspoiled nature, here is the place...


There are 3 JEEP Tours on the South coast Beaches of João Pessoa (up to 8 hours each, it's impossible to see all in one day): 

South coast 1: Barra de Gramame (side Conde), Love Beach, Tabatinga, Coqueirinho, the naturist beach of Tambaba, Arapuca Beach and Marcelia Beach, with several trails and viewpoints, and the Canyon of Coqueirinho

South coast 2: Jacarapé Beach, Barra de Gramame (side João Pessoa), Jacumã Beach, Caripabus, Barra do Grau and Beautiful Beach, with several trails and viewpoints

South coast 3: Coqueirinho, the naturist beach of Tambaba, Arapuca Beach, Marcelia Beach, Barra do Grau, Beautiful Beach and Barra do Abiai with a long stretch on the beach, several trails and viewpoints, and the Canyon of Coqueirinho


See the Beaches on our Blog South Coast Beaches of Paraiba

Barra de Gramame

Formed by a large lagoon surrounded by mangroves, a nature reserve with Indians and a beach accessible to JEEP 4x4, Barra de Gramame is a true paradise for fish, crabs ... and families with children!

Beach of Love

With the pierced stone, Beach of Love is the ideal place to take some cool photos. This perfect place for romantics has several Indian legends talking about the positive effects for couples... who believe it can not miss it!

Beach of Tabatinga

Do not miss the incredible visual looking up the intense blue of the lagoon. For those who like baths and tranquility, the Beach of Tabatinga always deserted, offers two options: a pond whose cliff is formed by a white curative mud, and a long stretch of beach with a visual on red cliffs.

Beach of Coqueirinho

Hidden from tourists, the best beach of Coqueirinho combines amazing visual (360º pure beauty!) with warm waters and is protected by a coral... nobody resist, nor guides! The JEEP 4x4 tour on the main beach, beneath the colorful cliffs until Tambaba (when the level of the sea permit) is a must!

Beach of Tambaba

Situated amidst a environmental protection area (APA Tambaba), covered with fine white sand and protected by high reefs, the Beach of Tambaba at low sea offers pools with hot water: delicious! In the naturist part, the show is other ...


Don't miss it, this is worth: the viewpoints above the cliffs are breathtaking! Only access via JEEP 4x4.

Canyon of Coqueirinho

The Canyon of Coqueirinho consists of impressive formations with plenty of shapes and colors, formed by the erosion of rain: Amazing!

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