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    Tour to Pipa |Barra do Cunhaú

    Pipa-Barra do Cunhaú is the MOST WANTED interstate tour leaving João Pessoa!

    • Enjoy the Peace that only Nature offers,
    • arriving in exclusive Places by 4x4,
    • with semi-private tours,
    • without wasting time on the road.

    Save time! By 4x4 SUV you enjoy +VIP Exclusive itineraries, w/top Comfort and Safety.



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    Tour from Joao Pessoa to Pipa: enjoying the natural pools of Barra do Cunhau to the beach of Pipa, passing through the chapadão, by SUV 4x4.


    Tour Joao Pessoa, Pipa and Barra do Cunhau, by SUV


    Today, tourism and the creation of shrimp are the two main economic activities of the region: under favorable ecological conditions, RN concentrates most of the shrimp breeding farms in the country with about 1,800 producers.

    When you get to Cunhaú Barra Beach the feeling is standing on a deserted beach with a large fine white sand carpet.

    The sea is so calm that it looks more like a large pond of green and clean waters. It is very common to find reefs along the coast, and thus, natural pools are easily formed.

    Nearby the trendy Pipa, Cunhaú Barra combines the natural beauty of the region as crystal clear sea, rivers, dunes and mangroves... One item, however, makes all the difference: the tranquility.

    This total contrast of peace and visuals between Barra do Cunhau and Pipa, in addition to the 4x4 route above the spectacular chapada de Pipa, contributes a lot to the charm of this Joao Pessoa Pipa tour.


    Tour from João Pessoa to Pipa and Barra do Cunhaú


    The name "pipa" is due to the fact that the Portugueses, from the nearby ship, saw a rock that looked like a shape of a kite, which in Portugal, is the most common name for a barrel of wine or olive oil.


    Home to dolphins and sea turtles, Pipa beach belongs to the municipality of Tibau do Sul, Indian name meaning "between two waters".

    The most endemic and atypical characteristic of this tropical paradise is the junction between towering dunes superimposed on the horizon over the trays that end up in living geomorphologically cliffs by the action of the sea and the winds.

    The Chapadão, famous Pipa Beach cliff, is much visited by those who enjoy the sunset.



    See the images from Barra de Camaratuba to Barra do Cunhaú


    Arrival from the Barra de Camaratuba, riding on the beaches, is a separate option possible only at very low tide.


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    Vehicle: SUV 4x4 6 seats VIP, with exclusive route, comfort and safety.
    If you want to ensure privacy, you must reserve the entire vehicle.
    The Tourism Guide, Vehicle and Agency are accredited by the Ministry of Tourism.
    Boarding: Hotels or your apartment, from João Pessoa to Intermares.
    Frequency: With reservation, places are limited!
    Payment: 30% booking by IBAN transfert, with the balance in cash at the start of the tour.
    Duration: From 8 am to +-6 pm. There are stops for bathing and photos.
    Does not include: Meals and drinks (there is frigobox in the vehicle, and a great place to eat).
    Children are considered as passengers, and pay the normal price (ask for a car seat).
    Tips: Wear swimwear, take sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and towel, money, cell phone and charger.

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