Arruda Câmara (Bica)
    • Arruda Câmara (Bica)
    • Arruda Câmara (Bica)

    Botanic garden |Zoo Bica - Tour

    We only do this tour together with the Historical center and the Sunset.


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    The zoo and botanical Park Arruda Câmara (Bica)


    The Zoo and botanical park Arruda Câmara, called Bica, is an excellent place to relax with the family, in the shade of trees and in contact with the animals. It is considered an ecological sanctuary, with a zoo, a botanical garden, ponds, streams, fountains and the different areas of recreation and rest.

    Sinds the foundation on December 24, 1922 at the center of João Pessoa, the population can enjoy more than 260 thousand square meters of preserved rainforest and nearly 600 animals of different species.

    Animals arriving Bica from other zoos or are the result of seizures of illicit trafficking. First they undergo a medical examination and remain in premises due to their physical condition, or because they no longer fit for wildlife.

    The Zoo and Botanical park Arruda Câmara has 571 animals, between native and exotic species. They receive treatment and daily monitoring by veterinarians.


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