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    PHOTOS of the Itamaracá island


    Tour to the Itamaracá island


    Distant about 40 km from Recife, the Island of Itamaracá offers beaches for tourism, calm waters and coconut trees, natural pools, reefs and sandbanks. The first inhabitants of the island would be shipwrecked...

    At the southern end of the island rises the Fort Orange, built by the Dutch in the framework of the second Dutch invasion in Brazil. The old town, one of the oldest communities in Pernambuco, derives its income mainly from tourism. At south is the island called Crown Plane. This island is part of the municipality of Igarassu.

    The island of Itamaracá gave its name to one of the captaincies of Brazil and was the scene of colonial disputes in the 17th century. The fort houses craft shops, chapel and museum. From the walls, can see the whole beach, plus the Crown of the Airplane, a charming sandy island with crystal clear waters and huts that serve as bars.

    Accessible by boat or speedboat leaving the beach of the fort, Crown is perfect for walking and snacking; It is a perfect oasis to enjoy life! After enjoying nature, a good program is to go to Old Town, at the highest point of Itamaracá.


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