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Tour together with the memorial Frei Damião


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PHOTOS of the Snoorer Waterfall


The Snorer Waterfall (Roncador) and the memorial Frei Damião


The Snorer Waterfall, so named by the noise of the waters, is more visited in winter when the rains fill the river. Largest waterfall in Paraíba, it is located on the border between the municipalities of Pirpirituba and Borborema, attracting nature lovers and extreme sports enthusiasts.

Municipalities of Borborema and Pirpirituba divide the largest waterfall of Paraíba: the snorer waterfall. Due to a depression formed in the Bananeira's river, the waters of the snorer's waterfall dive from a height of 45m.

Visual paradise surrounded by lush nature, the place attracts passionate about extreme sports and nature, who come from across the country.

The main attraction of the sanctuary is the statue of Friar Damião which is about 34 meters high and can be seen from anywhere in the city. From the top of the Serra da Jurema, you can see the whole city and some nearby towns within a radius of 50 km.

The monument also has a museum, which was mounted with the council of the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation, home of ex-votos, celebration court, chapel and Via Sacra.

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