North coast of João Pessoa

JEEP 4x4 Tours on the north coast Beaches of João Pessoa - Lucena

Due to the geological structure, the north coast Beaches of João Pessoa (other side of the river Paraíba), are extensives.

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Jeep 4x4 Tours on the north coast Beaches of João Pessoa - Lucena


The north coast Beaches of João Pessoa in Lucena, crossing the river Paraíba on a ferry up to Costinha; visiting the Fort Santa Catarina in Cabedelo, visiting the church Our Lady of Guia, with the option of the church Good Success...

Well differentiated from the south, allowing stretches at the seaside with deserted beaches, shallow and warm water, to desert places, passing through Prainha, the beach of the Holandês, the Gameleira beach, the beach of Lucena to the Ponta de Lucena, and the wild Barra do Miriri.

There are 2 options:
- Lucena Adventure:
Best with hight tide. With Jeep trail in the forest, passing through the ruin of Bom Sucesso and up above the cliff of Barra do Miriri ⇒ less time on the beaches; 
- Lucena Kayak: Best with low tide. Swapping the trail in the woods for more time in the water, with kayak on the river and/or on the sea. 

Kayak tour in Lucena

Kayak tour on the north shore of João Pessoa

The north coast in Lucena, crossing the Paraíba river on a ferry to Costinha, is an ecotourism tour which mixes adventure and discovery, a stretch at the seaside, to the Barra do Miriri wild and deserted (access only via JEEP 4x4), a gastronomy specialized in sea products, with a litle culture (ancient churches and the fort of Santa Catarina).

For those who enjoy ecotourism, natural pools with calm and warm sea (at low tide), and stretches on the beaches, this tour is very nice! Due to the geological structure, the beaches of the north coast of João Pessoa are extensive; here the cattle circulate in freedom, and nature is untouched! Fishermen vilage, Lucena contains also one of the biggest coconut plantation, known as the Coconut Valley.

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Visiting the Fort of Cabedelo allow discover a bit of the history of the place, since the meeting of the Portuguese with the Indians (with illustrations of cannibalism), the creation of João Pessoa (whose first name was: Our Lady of the Snows), discover the geography of the region... to the whaling that happened until the early eighties. The church "Nossa Senhora da Guia" dates from the late sixteenth century and was built by the Carmelites to evangelize the Indians of the region. The facade of limestone is sculpted in tropical baroque style with representations of tipical fruits of the region. The ruin of Good Success of the seventeenth century, has an access a little bit complicated, and impress by the fact that is being "eat" by a tree (a Gameleira).

Crossing the Paraíba river on a raft, we will cross several floating bus that allow residents of Lucena go to work on the side of Cabedelo. Lucena being a fishermen village, the local culinary is based on fishes and seafood: delicious! What impresses is that the north coast has nothing to do with the south coast: relief is different, the vegetation is different... even the weather is different. The waters of the rivers are black because of decaying mangrove plant: not lacking here crabs nor seafood in the warm and shallow waters of the coastline.

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