Ecoturismo e Cultura, in João Pessoa


"Complete and customized Jeep 4x4 itineraries on the beaches of Paraíba"


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Ecoturismo e Cultura 
Rua Tabelião Erinaldo Nunes de Oliveira, 635 
CEP 58052-285, João Pessoa Paraí­ba, Brazil 
Information: [email protected]
Mon-Sun 7h-20h | Departure of the tours 8h 
| WhatsApp : +55 (83) 98105-0466 


Our Differential

  1. Focus on ECOTOURISM
  2. EXCLUSIVE JEEP 4x4 Tours
  3. COMPLETE Itineraries (8h)
  4. CUSTOM Routes
  5. VIP Service (Professionalism and Attention)


About us

  1. We have the most Complete Tours on the Beaches of Paraíba: from Pipa-RN to Itamaracá-PE, we have Diferenciated and unmissible Jeep 4x4 Tours, with Exclusive Itineraries to unknown and charming places!
  2. The Jeep 4x4 tours offer a unique experience to enjoy a stunning coastline, passing through places where cars do not have access, with comfort and safety.
  3. Ecotourism on the Beaches, showing all the beauty of nature, is with Ecoturismo e Cultura!
  4. We also offer interstate tours and cultural tours in the country...
  • Autorization of the Ministry of Tourism: CADASTUR 15.025434.96-9 | Registry: 150674621000014
  • Municipal Inscription: 1222732 | Charter: License 000214 | Activity Registration: 131423-8
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Our Mission

  • Promote ECOTOURISM,
  • Offer COMPLETE ITINERARIES, including valuable unknown places,
  • Provide DIFFERENCIATED and personalized SERVICE


Terms of Use

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  • The information transmitted is confidential and can not be transmitted to third parties!


Terms of Use | Services

  • Informations, reservations and conditions of the rides are available online;
  • Every person doing a tour is supposed to be aware of and agree with these tour conditions;
  • Some tourist informations may become outdated; we don’t responsibilize us for that.
  • Tours can be modified at any time; they are personalized, and depend on your pace...
  • We don’t responsibilize us for the weather, nor for technical problems.

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